about our network

What we do...

A new breed of Christian hit music

We love to say that we are a new breed because we are experimenting with something that has never been done before in Cristian ministry & entertainment. We're breaking out of the mold and connecting with today's listener in a relevant way.

Meeting you where you are

Our goal is to produce a network that is just as fun, energetic and exciting as our secular Top40/Pop/Rock counterparts, while also remaining faith-based, encouraging and motivating. We like to say we are all of the fun and none of the filth!

Our StudioCenter team is based out of Downtown Denver

Who We Are...

Our network "ZIONFM" is comprised of five digital radio channels, streaming on-line 24/7 via our teams in Colorado & Washington State.


As a radio brand, ZIONFM represents a new kind of Christian music radio experience. We like to say that our channels are all of the fun and none of the filth of our secular Top 40 pop-culture counterparts. Our goal is to remain a relevant and modern alternative to secular media, while remaining scripturally based and family friendly.

The ZIONFM website is operated by FireStarter Foundation Inc., a not for profit 503 (A)(2) ministry, with studios in Colorado & Washington State, USA. The Foundation drives public awareness and marketing campaigns as well as fundraising for the online streaming channels &  ensures all music and media presented on ZIONFM are faith-based and family-friendly at all times by reviewing all lyrical content and broadcast packages before airplay. Contributions to the ZIONFM network are tax deductible under section 501c3 of the IRS code.


TERRESTRIAL STATION OWNERS: Interested in adding ZIONFM programming to your lineup? Contact us for information on block programming, weekends, overnights or station overhaul. Partnerships are market based and affordable no matter your situation.

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