& engage your YOUTH outside the church!


Because reaching outside the building just make sense.

Launch your own Radio Station

Stream a fully branded & customized radio channel on your website (or at your location). Reach your audience with messages and customized music rotation right on your own fully branded radio station streaming in HD quality 24/7! No experience in media or technical knowledge required. We manage it all!

ONE Player.  ALL of your Media.

Custom Global Radio Station

Podcast Production & Hosting

Videos & Sermons

LIVE Streaming (Coming Soon!)

Record and broadcast your message & music effortlessly - add your podcasts & Videos to your radio player for maximum interactivity!

The easiest and most centralized way to reach your youth every day, all day!

Centralize all your content with one premium media player


Broadcast your message to the world via a completely customized, branded and global internet radio channel.

Our team produces & manages  everything. You simply link the finished player to your website.

Broadcast your message into the every day life of your community.

+ See a Live Demo


Why pay for podcast hosting when you can have every episode professionally produced with voice-over intros, music, audio mastering and delivery to iTunes.

ECHO is everything you need to turn your messages into a podcast!


Integrate your videos from YouTube or Vimeo right into your Media Player. Synchronize and centralize ALL of your media content into one delivery platform.

Best of alll, we manage all the updates for you!

How It Works

Pricing & Plans


From raw sound bite to final broadcast, our studio manages your entire broadcast, schedule, music, encoding and distribution. Simply upload any custom audio you'd like and we do the rest. NO MEDIA EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Guaranteed true HD quality sound and production!

ECHO Channels is designed to be affordable for any size of organization. Broadcasting by yourself would cost over $100k. Streaming with ECHO Channels makes use of our digital broadcast infrastructure & expertise.  With our affordable plans, you could be broadcasting to the world today!

Digital radio is a brand new ministry opportunity to extend your message to the world as your station broadcasts 24/7. Upload sermons, speakers or just air your favorite music and keep your audience engaged and inspired every day. Fully branded with ONLY your content and no 3rd party advertising.

Our team has taken years of FM network radio and web development expertise and applied it to a new concept we call ECHO Channels, applying the same insider-techniques used in major-market network broadcasting companies to produce a unique live online stream customized for your organization.

Our StudioCenter staff of professional broadcasters and web developers completely program your entire station and link the final professionally mastered stream to a live player right on your own website (or in your building).


Interactive media has proven to be the most effective means of communicating a message. Your new station will allow you to do just that 24/7 as you stream your message, music, events and more to your local community and around the world!

Branded Integration

Your Radio Player is custom branded to match your website branding. Your station, your brand, your message. Inculded FREE with all ECHO Packages!

+ See how it works

FM Quality Production

Produced by professional sound engineers with major-market FM Radio Network experience. Your station is designed to sound as high quality and professional as mainstream radio networks you hear every day!

+ Hear a Real ECHO Channel

Affordable Outreach

Your radio station sounds BIG, doesn't cost you big. We've designed the ECHO network to be incredibly efficient so you can add another outlet to your arsenal and reach EVERYWHERE!

Is it right for my organization?

ECHO Channels is ideal and customizable for many various types of organizations like churches, non-profit ministries, universities and even retail stores (airing your custom channel in your retail location!) Your organization can benefit from a live music and programming channel on your website or in your lobby.


Churches & universities benefit by re-broadcasting messages, music, sermons, guest speakers and your own annnouncements throughout the week for those who had missed a meeting or are not in-market to attend. Churches can even broadcast Sunday morning announcements as reminders throughout the week, maximising saturation and top-of-mind awareness.


Local retail businesses who wish to broadcast a consistent mix of music that is non-offensive, positive and energetic with your own custom branding and announcements throughout the day would greately benefit from an ECHO Channel. Why broadcast someone elses radio station and promote their commercials? You're making them money! Stream your channel right into your store or lobby with your own branding and get rid of obnoxious local commercial breaks that have nothing to do with your brand or business. Instead, use the custom ECHO Channel to re-enforce who you are and boost your sales!

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