DayFire is a ministry focused on daily encouragement, growth and victory through new on-air segments and downloadable podcasts.  DayFire is hosted by Jeremiah St. James, founder & network director of the ZIONFM Global Radio Network.


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This daily ministry concept came about by two desires merging into one "Ah-ha" moment. As a team, we are radio producers, voice overs, content creators and more through our radio network. We had a desire to step back from the entertainment  side and really take a moment every day to connect with others and our Creator in a passionate  way...

That is exactly how DayFire was born. Its our way  to stop the music, quiet down and really press into what is the core of who we are as believers - our Faith and walk with God.


A daily prayer ministry built do encourage, support and motivate all who come to know it.  Media should never replace personal devotion and intersession, but hopefully will become an additional resource, and community to take with you everywhere you go.

DayFire is and will always be completely free on our website and your podcast store. Connect with us, leave your prayer requests & become part of the community of believers we call DayFire!


Daily encouragment & prayer free on any device

DayFire is and always will be 100% free. Download any previous episodes or tune into a live ZIONFM broadcast from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Podcast coming soon to iTunes

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